Getting The Right Services For Your Dell Server

grsfdrWith a number of skilled computer technicians nowadays, you have to consider a lot of options before trying their services. At first, make sure that their offers have reasonable prices. If it is too expensive for you, seek another technician. …

Ancient Ways Rarely Practiced Today

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puaacuDuring the early centuries, women experiment with a lot of plants and mix it with various kinds of liquid to create a cream or anything that they can apply to their faces. These mixtures weren’t named anti aging creams yet …

Putting More Business Into B2B

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Companies that have built successful e-commerce sites have usually adopted the mantra: “The customer is always right.” That’s because, if business-to-consumer enterprises have learned one lesson in the past year, it’s that Web sites must offer superior customer service to

Get The Right Tools Into Your Toolbox

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Service providers looking for better ways to slice and sell server space have new options from two vendors offering comprehensive hosting management tools.

ispSphera Corp., an Israeli developer, this week plans to unveil its service automation package for ISPs

Putting A Lock On Your Web Content

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Most web site security software is designed to stop theft of data or denial-of-service attacks, but Lockstep Systems Inc.’s new security application attempts to minimize the embarrassing (or worse) effects of attacks that alter or deface company Web pages.


Usability Notes For Hot Websites

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A successful user-centered project naturally begins with a clear picture of the user. Understanding your audience not only gives the selected vendor a headstart; it also provides a vital foundation for system requirements, which influences every area of the system.

Is Customer Loyalty Possible On The Web?

More ammunition is in the pipeline for companies that want to maximize their relationships with online customers, with a new suite of tools from Quadstone Inc. and a rash of acquisitions among developers that are pitching intelligent e-business.

potwQuadstone’s Customer